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  6th international pins trading show in Louviers (France) : sunday  october 5th 200 from 9am to 6pm. More than 200 meters of tables. Free entrance for visitors.  

French pins collector

All kinds of french pins to trade

Site de Jean-Paul Adam - 4, route d'Elbeuf - 27110 Iville - France


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6th international pins trading show
in Louviers - Normandy - France

Sunday october 5th 2008
9.00 am - 6.00 pm
Gymnasium Maxime Marchand - 100 km from Paris - Free entrance
The most important event in France for pins collectors
200 meters of tables to buy, sell or swap pins
+ 2000 visitors in 2003,  2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007       Click for more details

Welcome to my site ! I am a journalist with a weekly  in Normandy, and I collect pins issued by the farious French media : newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations. By now I have collected over 7.000 different pins and I expect that thanks to this site I shall make new contacts that will allow me to progress further.

If you hapened to have French media pins to exchange or sell, refer to the "Wanted" list that I developed. However it is not exhaustive. I am looking for many other pins, and there is a lot of pins of which existence I am not aware.

Collectors of pins from all over the world, whatever is their theme, will perhaps find their happiness among thousands of  French pins that I may offer them  in most of popular themes (Olympics, Mac Donald's, Coca Cola, sports, etc...). I invite them to consult the available Themes list. I can send them scans by e-mail.

Jean-Paul Adam
3, residence Bellevue
27400 Pinterville